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Co-Curricular Activity

Co-curricular activities when complimented by regular academics, boosts the creative minds of young learners and broadens their horizon. Students when engaged in co-curricular activities can acquire leadership qualities, and communication skills, improve their problem-solving ability, and gain knowledge of various fields. Education is important to everyone and if it is adorned by co-curricular activities in school, it has the potential not only to propel you towards success but also give your personality a complete makeover and make you exude an aura of an intellectual.

students are encouraged to voice their thoughts, all while preserving their unique personalities and original creativity at the core of the guidance provided. we expose young students to the best of poetry, fiction, drama, and music as a sound start to fulfilling theatre education. Gradually students are provoked to express themselves while retaining the student’s unique personalities and original creativity at the center of all the guidance.


Various activities such as Science quizzes, Poetry Competitions, Essay Competitions, Debate Competitions, spelling bees, Science/Mathematics Olympiads, NTSE, Arts and Crafts, Rangoli, Songs, Plays, and Dances are all overseen by dedicated teachers who deeply care about the students.