Green City Phase-2,Gorakhnath,Gorakhpur-273015

Admission Open (Affiliated to: Central Board Of Secondary Education, Delhi-) Affiliation Number 2132489

General Rules & Regulations

RPM has established a set of well-defined standards for student conduct, ensuring a respectful and disciplined environment.

  • Students are expected to demonstrate respect and obedience towards school staff.
  • Any breach of school discipline or misconduct will be addressed by the disciplinary committee, in collaboration with the principal. In severe cases, parents may be required to participate in discussions regarding their child’s behavior.
  • Any instance of bullying or ragging will prompt a review by the disciplinary committee, potentially leading to expulsion along with a negative conduct certificate.
  • English serves as the primary medium of instruction on campus, and students are encouraged to communicate solely in English.
  • It is mandatory for students to carry their school-issued ID cards daily.
  • Children will only be allowed to depart from the school premises with individuals authorized by a guardian, substantiated by an official letter.
  • Offering gifts, sweets, cakes, or other presents to staff and students for birthday celebrations is not permitted.Parent-teacher interactions are scheduled during Parent-Teacher meetings (PTMs) or on Saturdays after school hours.
  • The use of mobile phones or electronic gadgets is prohibited within the school premises.